yarn add mirsahib-react-swipe-component

Or with npm:

npm install mirsahib-react-swipe-component --save



import React from "react"
import ReactDOM from "react-dom"
import {Swipe, Position} from "react-swipe-component"

class Demo extends React.Component<{}, {}>{
  render() {
    return <Swipe

  onSwipeEnd = () => {
    console.log("Swipe Ended")
  onSwipeLeftListener = () => {
    console.log("Swiped left")
  onSwipeRightListener = () => {
    console.log("Swiped right")
  onSwipeUpListener = () => {
    console.log("Swiped Up")
  onSwipeDownListener = () => {
    console.log("Swiped down")
  onSwipeListener = (p) => {
    if (p.x !== 0) {
      console.log(`Swipe x: ${p.x}`)
    if (p.y !== 0) {
      console.log(`Swipe y: ${p.y}`)

ReactDOM.render(<Demo/>, document.getElementById("app"))


nodeName is a string which determines the html element/node that this react component binds its touch events to then returns. The default value is ‘div’.

node is a option if you’d like to pass a node instead of nodeName(e.g. styled-components).

className is a string which determines the html element/node class.

style is a object which determines the style for element.

delta is the amount of px before we start firing events. Also affects how far onSwipedUp, onSwipedRight, onSwipedDown, and onSwipedLeft need to be before they fire events. The default value is 50.

detectMouse is allow you to turn off swipe listener for mouse event. The default value is true.

detectTouch is allow you to turn on swipe listener for touch event. The default value is false.

preventDefault is whether to prevent the browser’s touchmove event. Sometimes you would like the target to scroll natively. The default value is false.

stopPropagation prevents the event from bubbling up the DOM tree, preventing any parent handlers from being notified of the event.

onSwipingUp, onSwipingRight, onSwipingDown, onSwipingLeft, are called with the event as well as the absolute delta of where the swipe started and where it’s currently at. Return distance from starting point.

onSwipedUp, onSwipedRight, onSwipedDown, onSwipedLeft are called with the event as well as the x distance, + or -, from where the swipe started to where it ended. These only fire at the end of a touch event.

onSwipe are called when the swipe started. Return distance from starting point [x,y]. One value will be 0. If value is non 0 it means that it’s main swipe axis.

onSwipeEnd are called when the swipe ended.

onTransitionEnd event is fired when a CSS transition has completed.


interface Props {
  nodeName?: string,
  node?: React.ReactNode,
  className?: string,
  style?: Object,

  detectTouch?: boolean,
  detectMouse?: boolean,

  delta: number,
  preventDefault?: boolean,
  stopPropagation?: boolean,

  children?: any,

  onSwipe: (p: Position) => void
  onSwipingLeft: (x: number) => void,
  onSwipingRight: (x: number) => void,
  onSwipingUp: (y: number) => void,
  onSwipingDown: (y: number) => void,
  onSwipedLeft: () => void,
  onSwipedRight: () => void,
  onSwipedUp: () => void,
  onSwipedDown: () => void,
  onSwipeEnd: () => void,
  onTransitionEnd: () => void,
interface Position {
  x: number,
  y: number,



git clone
cd react-swipe-component
yarn install
yarn build


If You want to test a package on demo page:

cd docs
yarn install
yarn dev

What’s new


- rewrited library in typescript
- removed eslint
- removed flow
- update all dependencies
- added stopPropagation
- changed returning values structure
- updated example


- updated some dependencies
- removed unnecessary comments
- fixed docs script for build


- updated all dependencies
- added flow types
- added eslint
- added onSwipeEnd to example
- renamed ./lib/Swipe to ./lib/index
- moved to Babel 7 for compiling


- fixed Google Chrome preventDefault error in console
- small fixed with main example
- started using webpack to compile to ES5
- updated dependency


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