Taxi Application

A simple taxi application that allows you to look for a taxi nearby your place. ?

The following libraries and tools are used to build this application.



Install Node and make sure the Node version is 14 and above.

Clone the project folder and the following steps are required to install dependencies for both client and server:

  1. Install the dependencies for the server.

# navigate to the project folder and run the command below
npm install
  1. Install the dependencies for the client.

# navigate to the client folder and install the dependencies
cd ./client
npm install

How to use

Run the Taxi Application.

# the react app runs on port 3000 while the node server runs on port 5000
# navigate back to the project folder with cd .. and run the command below
npm run dev

It will redirect you to http://localhost:3000/.

  1. Use the radio button to choose the location on the map.
  2. Use the slider to change the number of taxis displayed on the map.


A script is configured named test for running Jest.

npm run test


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