React App with Amplify Authentication using TypeScript

This app uses the new version of Amplify Authenticator to provide a basic user authentication flow.


You will need to create an AWS Account. You will also need to install Node, npm and the Amplify CLI. For more information on installation, visit

Deploy with the AWS Amplify Console

The AWS Amplify Console provides hosting for fullstack serverless web apps. Deploy this app to your AWS account with a single click:


The Amplify Console will fork this repo in your GitHub account, and then build and deploy your backend and frontend in a single workflow. Your app will be available at


Run locally with the Amplify CLI

  1. Fork the repo in your account and then clone it as below.

git clone
cd create-react-app-amplify-ui-workflow
  1. Install dependencies
yarn install
  1. Pull backend from AWS Amplify using appid and envname which can be found on the AWS Amplify UI.
amplify pull --appId appid --envName envname
  1. Run application.
yarn start


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