React To-Do App

A to-do list application made with React.


A simple to-do list application to demonstrate my React knowledge.

Front-end project only, no backend or database storage.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repository and cd into its root directory
  2. Run yarn install to install dependencies
  3. Run yarn start from the project directory to run in development mode

The application is served at http://localhost:3000 by default.


Run yarn build to build the static assets for external or local hosting. The files will be located inside the build folder by default.

This correctly bundles React in production mode and optimizes the build for best performance.


  1. Run yarn start to run in development mode
  2. Run yarn cypress:run to run end-to-end tests


Write task descriptions in the text field and press Enter to add them to the list. You can also click on the icon inside the text field to add the task.

Tasks can be marked as complete by ticking the checkbox. They can also be deleted by clicking the trash icon.

Note: Tasks are not stored anywhere. If the page is refreshed or closed, all tasks will be gone.