A simple TODO App just made a bit “FullStack”. 🔨

Dummy credentials to try out: email: [email protected] password: 123456

Basic Features

  • User can login and signup to save his/her todos.
  • User can create a Todo.
  • User can see their Todos
  • User can mark the Todo as done.

Add-On Work

  • Email verification w/o OTP, JWT Authentication & Route Protection.
  • Coded entirely in TS (FE & BE, including TYPE validation).
  • Complete CRUD operations and DB storage.
  • State Management using Context.
  • Adheres industry standard coding practices.

Future Works

  • Giving User Todos based on selected date.
  • Implementing OTP verification, Google and other third party auth.
  • Maybe some UI revamps.

Tech Stack Used: React, Node, Express, MongoDB, TS. Additional Libraries: Tailwind, deep-email-validator, jsonwebtoken, zod, react-router-dom, axios.

Instructions to Run Locally

First, run the Backend

  1. cd backend
  2. npm i
  3. Create the .env file containing the following data: Your MongodDB conection URL, Your JWT secret and Frontend URL. (check .env.example for the format)
  4. npm run dev


  1. cd frontend
  2. npm i
  3. Go to AuthProvider.tsx and TodoProvider.tsx. Replace import.meta.env.VITE_BACKEND_URL with your Backend URL.
  4. npm run dev

Some Issues you can encounter

If get the punnycode error when running the backend. Simply:

  1. Go to node_modules of backend.
  2. Look for the folder tr46.
  3. Go to index.js and

    // Replace this:
    const punycode = require('punycode');
    // With this:
    const punycode = require('punycode/');

Always open to any issues or collaborations. Let’s go 🚀


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