React Ant Design Todo List

Application Sample A simple todo list app built with React, Redux, Redux Persist, SASS and Ant Design.


First of all, clone this repo:

$ git clone

Move to the project dir:

$ cd react-antd-todo/

With Docker just run:

$ docker-compose up -d

Application Principles

  • A better JavaScript ES6 syntax ( arrow functions, ternary operators, object destructuring and others! )
  • React ( Presentational and Container Components )
  • Redux ( State Management with our action creators, reducers, and store )
  • Redux persist ( A great tool to persist and rehydrate redux store )
  • Ant Design for a better UX & UI with Responsive Web Design
  • SASS ( using node-sass into our application managing styles becomes easy )
  • Yarn ( A fast and asynchronous dependency manager for our projects )