Simpliest Weather React-App

A weather app done with React. Allows you to make a search for the current weather by simply typing "common knowledge" cities and save them to favourites on local storage.

Utilises OpenWeatherMap API for weather data and OpenWeatherMap Icons were replaced for Weather Icons pack from @erikflowers project.

For drawing UI Semantic UI React was also used in this project.

To run these project

You can run this project on your local machine. Just pull it down and do the following:

  1. Clone this repo:
git clone
  1. Fill the config.js file with an auth API from Weather API oficial site.
    and... command line this mate:
  • cd weather-app-react
  • Install node packages npm install
  • Run it locally npm start
  1. Go live on http://localhost:3000


Running tests

There are couple of simple tests in App.test.js done with Jest + Enzyme. For testing command line again these pal:

  • npm run test



Common issue:

Right clicking the file and opening in Chrome will not work ?.

  • This project uses this template to bootstrap a react app.

    • Create React apps with no build configuration.