Spotlight app for ChatGPT


ChatSpot is an AI-powered, Spotlight assistant designed to help users complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Anytime or anywhere, press command/ctrl + alt + k and ChatSpot is always ready to assist.

By default, anything said by ChatSpot will be automatically copied. So all you need is:

  1. Toggle ChatSpot with gobal shortcut command/ctrl + alt + k
  2. Ask question and wait the streaming output finished
  3. Untoggle ChatSpot with gobal shortcut command/ctrl + alt + k, and the focus will be back to your previsous working place, where you can paste the response from ChatGPT

ChatSpot also supports custom prompts. You can use “/” to invoke a window customized with your prompt.


You can checkout details shortcuts and other functions in the menu bar:


Get Started

Using ChatSpot requires your own OpenAI key to connect to ChatGPT.

Download the app

Platform Tested Supports Download
MacOS Support 13.5.2+ Release
Windows Haven’t tested yet Release
Linux Haven’t tested yet /


Clone this repo and run the following commands:

pnpm install
pnpm dev

To package the App in your platform (MacOS, Windows, Linux…), run:

pnpm package



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