This is a starter project for a node + react app that uses docker for dev enironment.

Docker and docker-compose is all you need to develop, build & deploy, run development or production mode with a single command.


  • stylus
  • react
  • redux
  • sequelize

get started

Get latest docker (1.11+) & docker-compose (1.7+):

Pull seed to your project:

git init
git remote add starter [email protected]:Producters/docker-node-react-starter.git
git pull starter master

Start dev server:


Wait for docker to set up dev env, then open http://localhost:8000

production mode

# build production images, create db backup & start

# stop server

# start srever

In prod mode sources are added to docker image rather than mounted from host. Nginx serves static files, proxy pass to node for app. Logs in logs dir.

enable ssl

Copy your .key and .crt files to nginx/ssl and run ./bin/

install dependencies

# frontend
./bin/ install [package] --save-dev

# backend
./bin/ install [package] --save

database management

# open psql session

# create a backup in backups dir

# restore from a backup in backups dir (server must be stopped)
./bin/ backups/somebackup.bak


bin/                          - various utility scripts

docker-compose.yml            - base docker compose config
docker-compose.overrides.yml  - development docker compose config
docker-compose.production.yml - production docker compose config

frontend/                     - frontend stuff
frontend/package.json         - npm package file with frotnend dependencies
frontend/src/js/              - javascript code
frontend/src/js/index.js      - js entry point. include other js deps here
frontend/src/style/           - stylesheets       
frontend/src/style/index.styl - stylesheet entry point. include other styl files here

backend/                      - backend stuff
backend/lib/                  - node app
backend/lib/index.js          - entry point
backend/lib/models/           - sequelize model definitions
backend/lib/migrations/       - sequelize migrations
backend/config/               - config
backend/config/default.json   - config defaults
backend/views/                - pug templates
backend/Dockerfile            - production build dockerfile
backend/media/                - user uploads @TODO
backend/package.json          - npm pacakge file with backend & test depos
backend/nightwatch.json       - nigthwatch config
backend/tests/specs/*         - nightwatch test specs

logs/                         - in prod mode app, nginx logs go here
nginx/                        - nginx stuff for prod mode
nginx/ssl/                    - put key & cert here if you use ssl
nginx/nginx_nossl.conf        - nginx conf if no ssl is used
nginx/nginx_ssl.conf          - nginx conf for deploy with ssl


Config files for backend are located at config/*.json.
If config/[NODE_ENV].json exists, values are loaded from it first. Then defaults are filled in from config/default.json;


Winston is used for logging. Loggers and transport are configured via config files, see config/default.json.

import logger, {getLogger} from 'winston';

//default logger'logging to default');
logger.error('bad thing happened');

//custom logger, define transports in config
let netlogger = getLogger('network');'network stuff');


# create new migration
./bin/ migration:create --name some_migration

# run migrations
./bin/ db:migrate


e2e tests are implemented using nightwatch.js. Test specs are located at backend/tests/specs/

#run tests

# skip frontend build (eg, running tests repeatedly)
./bin/ --skipbuild 

# keep selenium, vnc server & database running after tests end 
# for fast next run & to keep vnc from disconnecting if debuggin
./bin/ --dontstop 
# run a particular test file only
./bin/ -- --test tests/specs/auth.js

# run particular test case only
./bin/ -- --test tests/specs/auth.js --testcase 'User can login via auth0'

To debug tests it's possible to vnc into selenium container while its running at localhost:5900 and view the browser. Password is secret.

sudo apt-get install vinagre # vnc client

vinagre localhost:5900