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✨ characteristic

  • Support Typescript
  • Support svg to preload all icons
  • Support multiple environment variables, dev, alpha, preprod, prod etc.
  • Support jest cell test
  • Support React, JSX, tsx, ts syntax
  • Support less, scss, css, module
  • Support Eslint, Prettier
  • Support HMR fast hot update
  • Support Proxy proxy, alias alias
  • Compatible with traditional browsers
  • Support lazy loading and chunk segmentation


# Clone project
git clone

# Enter the project directory
cd vite-react-cil

# Installation dependencies
npm install

# Start service
npm run dev


Provides a way to get the current environment variables?method

Provides a component that can import svg only by svg name

Provide a project case of vite+react/vite+vue3/angular


  1. ant-simple-proA build with vite, supportvue3.0reactangulartypescriptFront-end solutions for middle-end platforms supported by multiple frameworks
  2. jol-playerA simple, beautiful and powerful react player, supports typescript, m3u8 format
  3. ant-simple-drawAn online graphic editor, commonly used to express business processes, etc.


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