Frontend Mentor – Tip calculator app solution

This is a solution to the Tip calculator app challenge on Frontend Mentor. Frontend Mentor challenges help you improve your coding skills by building realistic projects.


The challenge

Users should be able to:

  • View the optimal layout for the app depending on their device’s screen size
  • See hover states for all interactive elements on the page
  • Calculate the correct tip and total cost of the bill per person


Ss1 Ss2 Ss3


My process

Built with

  • Semantic HTML5 markup
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid
  • Mobile-first workflow
  • React – JS library
  • TypeScript – JS With Types
  • Tailwind CSS – For styles
  • Vite – JS Builder

What I learned

A custom hook to manage the inputs:

const useField = (setState: Dispatcher<number | undefined>) => {
  const onChange = (event: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLElement>) => {
    const target = <HTMLTextAreaElement>;
    if (target.type === "number") {
      const { value } = target;
    } else {
      const { id } = target;

  return { onChange };

Useful resources

  • TypeScript cheatsheet – This helped me put the types on my app correctly
  • TailWind CheatSheed – Amazing repisitorie for search taindwind classes fast and easy, helps a lot to find classes if i am offline.



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