The rising-repo project is a React-based table designed to display recently popular repositories.

The project follows a versioned roadmap, with various features and optimizations introduced in each version:

Version Highlights:

v0.15: Ongoing work includes adding "deploy your own" documentation, refactoring server actions, adding lastUpdateTime, implementing a cron job, and optimizing performance.
v0.14.1: Introduced tag filtering functionality.
v0.14: Added topics for filtering, focusing on specific topics for a period.
v0.13: Migrated to Google BigQuery, updated data at shorter intervals, and added more key information.
v0.12: Optimized switching filters, added animation, scrolling, hovering, created time column, and filter.
v0.11.1: Optimized with a better-looking loader, scroll-to-top when language filter changes, and opening links in a new tab.
v0.11: Implemented the use of a virtual table to enhance performance.
v0.10: Added language JSON cache using Redis for caching to generate language-specific rank lists.
v0.9: Optimized performance by shortening loading times, moving Vercel deploy region, adding pagination, and introducing a loader.

The project aims to continuously improve performance, enhance user experience, and introduce new features for displaying and filtering popular repositories.