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The all-in-one starter kit for building platforms on Vercel.

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Multi-tenant applications serve multiple customers across different subdomains/custom domains with a single unified codebase.

For example, our demo is a multi-tenant application:

Another example is Hashnode, a popular blogging platform. Each writer has their own unique subdomain for their blog:

Users can also map custom domains to their subdomain:

This repository makes it easier than ever for creators to build their own platform.

Template features

Forget manually setting up CNAME records, wrestling with DNS, or making custom server rewrite rules with NGINX. With Vercel and the Platforms Starter Kit, you can focus on building the next big thing.

  • Custom domains: Subdomain and custom domains support with Edge Functions and the Vercel Domains API.
  • Static generation with ISR: Performance without sacrificing personalization, by combining Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) and Middleware. ISR allows you to create new content (with custom domains) on demand without needing to redeploy your application.
  • Uploading custom images: Allow your customers to upload custom thumbnail images with our Cloudinary integration.
  • Static tweets: Avoid Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) from the native Twitter embed by using our static tweets implementation (supports image, video, gif, poll, retweets, quote retweets, and more).

Examples of platforms

Vercel customers like Hashnode, Super, and are building scalable platforms on top of Vercel and Next.js. There are multiple types of platforms you can build with this starter kit:

1. Content creation platforms

These are content-heavy platforms (blogs) with simple, standardized page layouts and route structure.

“With Vercel, we spend less time managing our infrastructure and more time delivering value to our users.” — Sandeep Panda, Co-founder, Hashnode

  1. Hashnode

2. Website & e-commerce store builders

No-code site builders with customizable pages.

By using Next.js and Vercel, Super has fast, globally distributed websites with a no-code editor (Notion). Their customers get all the benefits of Next.js (like Image Optimization) without touching any code.

  2. Typedream
  3. Makeswift

3. B2B2C platforms

Multi-tenant authentication, login, and access controls.

With Vercel and Next.js, platforms like Instatus are able to create status pages that are 10x faster than competitors.

  1. Instatus
  3. DAO Central

Built on open source

This working demo site was built using the Platforms Starter Kit and:


  • Start a discussion with a question, piece of feedback, or idea you want to share with the team.
  • Open an issue if you believe you’ve encountered a bug with the starter kit.


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