A video calling application built in your web browser Implemented using WebRTC, I used Simple-Peer JS which is a wrap around WebRTC and simplifies things. Socket IO is used for synchronization and hand shakes between the users. Front end is done using ReactJS. Works on both computers and mobiles (full responsive design)

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone https://link-to-project

Go to the project directory

  cd my-project

Install dependencies

  npm install

Start the server

  npm run start

Go to the client directory

  cd client

Start the front-end

  npm run start

Open http://localhost:3000 to access the website


  • Call your friends by getting their unique id.
  • Call random online users.
  • Cross platform, supported on mobile devices.


App Screenshot App Screenshot App Screenshot Running locally on a device with 2 tabs open, one calling the other App Screenshot


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