MERN VR Game 2.0

A web-based game application with VR features – developed using React, React 360, Node, Express and MongoDB.


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What you need to run this code

  1. Node (13.12.0)
  2. NPM (6.14.4) or Yarn (1.22.4)
  3. MongoDB (4.2.0)

How to run this code

  1. Make sure MongoDB is running on your system
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Open command line in the cloned folder,
    • To install dependencies, run npm install or yarn
    • To run the application for development, run npm run development or yarn development
  4. Open localhost:3000 in the browser

React 360

The VR game is developed using React 360 and integrated into this application.

The React 360 code for the game is available here.

More applications built using this stack

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