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What is SimpleProject

SimpleProject is a web app that allows users to create projects and manage them in a kanban board.

SimpleProject was built with react and tailwind for the frontend, Django rest framework for the backend and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the app implements HTML5 drag and drop API to ensure the functionality of drag and dropping tasks into the right column, all in a minimalist design that is easy to use.

Use the app :

You can use the app using the link:

Functionalities :

Projects list:


Project view:


Dark mode:


Sign in:


Landing page:


How to support the project:

? Your support means a lot. Thank you for stars that keeps me motivated to share new ideas and do them fast.

You can support also the project by buy me a coffe, that would help with the costs of hosting and keep me motivated to add new features in the future.


You can clone the repos easily but you will have to create your own APIs in order for the app to work.

Contact me if you need help.


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