A WebApp that allows you to follow Cryptos’ News and Stats.

Table of Contents
  1. About The Project

  2. Getting Started

About The Project

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CryptoWatch is one of my just-for-fun projects. The application allows you to follow the currently available Cryptos in the market and gives you some insights about the actual prices and stats of Cryptos. In addition, Cryptowatch gives you the possibility to search news and updates about coins. Grouping all these features in one single place gives you the ability to reduce the amount of time passed searching for Cryptos.

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Built With

In order to transform the idea into a real functional product, the list bellow of technologies & tools were used:

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Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these steps.


You need to have Node.js and npm to be installed in your local machine. Verify that by executing

  • node
    node -v
  • npm
    npm -v


In order to interact with real data the project uses some API endpoints from RapidAPI and

  1. Get API Keys at:
  2. Clone the repo
    git clone
  3. Add .env file:

  4. Install NPM packages
    npm install
  5. Start the project
    npm start

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