Video streaming app built using ReactJS and YouTube API


  • YouTube API allowing searching and playing videos directly from YouTube.
  • Advanced search to filter search results by order, duration, etc.
  • Dark mode to reduce eye strain while binge watching.

App screenshots:

Light mode Dark mode
advanced-search-light-min advanced-search-dark-min
homepage-light-min homepage-dark-min
watch-area-light-min watch-area-dark-min

Running the app:

  1. Clone the project repo

     git clone https://github.com/sourhub226/wetube-react.git
  2. Move to root directory of the project

     cd wetube-react
  3. Obtain a developer key for YouTube API v3 from here

  4. Create a .env file based on .env.template provided and put the above obtained key in it.
    The contents of the .env file should look something like this:

  5. Install all required npm packages

     npm install
  6. Run the app

     npm run dev