Accessible SVG icon component for React.


npm install --save react-svg-icon
import Icon from 'react-svg-icon';

<Icon name="i-rocket" />
<Icon name="i-rocket" className="i--red" />
// Optionally, use a title to add an accessible label
<Icon name="i-rocket" title="Start the trip" />

Inline SVG assets

Create your SVG sprite and inline them at the start of you HTML document. There's a nice tutorial on how to do this on CSS-Tricks.



Clone the project on your computer, and install Node. This project also uses nvm.

nvm install
# Then, install all project dependencies.
npm install
# Install the git hooks.

Working on the project

Everything mentioned in the installation process should already be done.

# Make sure you use the right node version.
nvm use
# Start the server and the development tools.
npm run start
# Runs linting.
npm run lint
# Runs tests.
npm run test
# View other available commands with:
npm run


  • Make a new branch for the release of the new version.
  • Update the CHANGELOG.
  • Update the version number in package.json, following semver.
  • Make a PR and squash merge it.
  • Back on master with the PR merged, follow the instructions below.
npm run dist
# Use irish-pub to check the package content. Install w/ npm install -g first.
npm publish
  • Finally, go to GitHub and create a release and a tag for the new version.
  • Done!