🐢 Getting started

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Install the dependency

Depdending on your package manager, here are two examples:

NPM : npm install react-ios-icons YARN : yarn add react-ios-icons

Import an icon

Example 1

import { Battery } from 'react-ios-icons'

// Renders the one-fifth of battery's capacity
export const DummyComponent: React.FC = () => {
  return <Battery progression={75} />

Example 2

import {} from 'react-ios-icons'

Current version

Icons are imported straight from SF Symbols 3 apple developers platform with its features being developed over time. We’re looking forward for a migration to it’s 4th version which has been released recently by the WWDC22 but definitely not on the top of our priorities.

More details about SF Symbols 4 here.

These are the supported icon versions beside extra details to get familiar with if you want.

SF Symbols Version iOS Version macOS Version tvOS Version watchOS Version
3.0 15.0 12.0 15.0 8.0
3.1 15.1 12.0 15.1 8.1
3.2 15.2 12.1 15.2 8.3
3.3 15.4 12.3 15.4 8.5


If you would like to contribute and improve our project, we’ve set certain rules to maintain a better scoial and development environment, almost everything is mentioned in the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

Where do I start?

In order to create an icon, you need to generate one by executing:

NPM : npm run generate <ComponentName> YARN : yarn generate <ComponentName>

2 questions will be asked to you which helps giving instructions that will be provide a start code for your icon.


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