An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible form inputs built for React.


npm install react-widgets

Local development and contributing

React widgets, uses a "monorepo" organization style for managing multiple npm packages
in a single git repo. This is done through a Yarn feature called
workspaces. To get everything setup and dependencies installed:

  • make sure you have the latest version of yarn installed
  • run yarn run bootstrap in the repo root directory

Running the doc site locally

  • Follow the steps above
  • switch to the www directory and run yarn
  • yarn run develop to start the site

Running the storybook examples

  • follow the general install instructions
  • run yarn start-dev

Old Browser Support

The goal is to support IE9+, but it is difficult for me to test a wide variety of browsers so there is no guarantee it will work (patches welcome!).