React Tabulator is based on tabulator - an advanced table library with many useful features.


? Features

Tabulator's features:

  Filters      Sorting      Formatting    Grouping      Ajax      Editing    Virtualization
  Pagination   Themes       A11y          I18n          Layouts   Frozen Cols/Rows
  Key Binding  Responsive   Persisting    History       Calc      Validation
  Clipboard    Nested Tables


  • React 16.5.x
  • Typescript 3.x
  • Tslint
  • Jest-puppeteer for testing
  • React Cell Editors / Filters (TBD)

? Usage

$ npm install react-tabulator

import 'react-tabulator/lib/styles.css'; // default theme
import { ReactTabulator } from 'react-tabulator'; // for React 15.x, use import { React15Tabulator }

<ReactTabulator data={data} />

? Commands

Require: NodeJS v8.12.0 + and yarn (optional)

$ npm run dev      Launch DEV mode
$ npm run build    Make a build

$ yarn test        Run tests using jest-puppeteer (with headless Chrome)