MERN Ecommerce


An ecommerce store built with MERN stack, and utilizes third party API’s. This ecommerce store enable three main different flows or implementations:

  1. Buyers browse the store categories, products and brands
  2. Sellers or Merchants manage their own brand component
  3. Admins manage and control the entire store components
  • features:
    • Node provides the backend environment for this application
    • Express middleware is used to handle requests, routes
    • Mongoose schemas to model the application data
    • React for displaying UI components
    • Redux to manage application’s state
    • Redux Thunk middleware to handle asynchronous redux actions

Database Seed

  • The seed command will create an admin user in the database
  • The email and password are passed with the command as arguments
  • Like below command, replace brackets with email and password.
  • For more information, see code here
npm run seed:db [email-***@****.com] [password-******] // This is just an example.


This application is deployed on Vercel Please check it out 😄 here.

See admin dashboard demo


Some basic Git commands are:

$ git clone
$ cd project
$ npm install

Start development

$ npm run dev

Simple build for production

$ npm run build

Run build for production

$ npm start

Languages & tools

Code Formatter

  • Add a .vscode directory
  • Create a file settings.json inside .vscode
  • Install Prettier – Code formatter in VSCode
  • Add the following snippet:

      "editor.formatOnSave": true,
      "prettier.singleQuote": true,
      "prettier.arrowParens": "avoid",
      "prettier.jsxSingleQuote": true,
      "prettier.trailingComma": "none",
      "javascript.preferences.quoteStyle": "single",


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