? An ERC-20 token price action chart in NextJS with MongoDB and ChartJS. This amazing token price action chart video tutorial will display a live token price action chart with your custom ERC20 token pair on a liquidity pool like Uniswap!!

  • You need a MongoDB demo account and API Key to enable this project *

Follow this tutorial to get started in MongoDB fast:

Steps to use this Repo

1-Create a new NextJS app:

npx create-next-app chart

2- Install Dependencies:

cd chart
npm i axios qs
npm i chart.js react-chartjs-2

3- Replace all files and folders in your project with the ones attached to this repo.

Add all files and folders to the root project directory “chart”, overwrite when prompted.

4- Update index.js adding your MongoDB Atlas API key in quotes:

const mongokey = "ENTER-YOUR-KEY"

ctrl+s to save

** Reminder: The key is not protected using this method**

** Just for educational, learning purposes**

5- Start your application, navigate to the project page and enjoy!

npm run dev

Follow the video tutorial for explanations and guidance!


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