? Scaffold Wallet React Native

everything you need to build an Ethereum Wallet with Scaffold-Eth and React Native! ?



This repo is meant to be a open-source code base for building out Ethereum Wallets with Scaffold-Eth and React Native.

It uses an ejected Expo / RN base with minimal external dependencies. The wallet itself is intended to be minimalist, connecting to DApps with WalletConnect to sign transactions.

Currently being developed for iOS first.

?‍♂️ Quick Start

Prerequisites: Node (v16 LTS) plus Yarn and Git

clone/fork the repo:

git clone https://github.com/danielkhoo/scaffold-eth-react-native-wallet.git

install all dependencies:

cd scaffold-eth-expo/expo-app
yarn install

shim missing browser dependencies on mobile:

yarn hack

install ios pods:

npx pod-install

To run app on a local ios simulator:

yarn ios

Alternatively, to test on an iOS device (requires Apple Developer Account) open and run the project with XCode.


  • Multiple Network Support (Ethereum / Optimism / Arbitrum / Gnosis / Polygon)
  • Testnet Support ( Kovan / Rinkeby / Ropsten / Goerli / Mumbai)
  • Wallet Generation / Import / Export
  • Keychain Storage of Private Keys w/ Biometrics
  • Wallet Connect
  • Sending / Signing Transactions
  • Pending Transaction Speed up
  • QR Scanning


  • Transaction Cancel
  • Transaction History
  • Push Notifications

? P.S.

? You need an RPC key for testnets and production deployments, create an Alchemy account and replace the value of ALCHEMY_KEY = xxx in packages/react-app/src/constants.js with your new key.

? Make sure you update the InfuraID before you go to production. Huge thanks to Infura for our special account that fields 7m req/day!

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? Support Chat

Join the telegram support chat ? to ask questions and find others building with ? scaffold-eth!



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