Bullsfirst Tailwind

This is an example of integrating Tailwind CSS with a React app generated using Code Shaper.

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The repository contains a sample stock trading application called Bullsfirst, which uses React as its base framework. It depends on a package called ui-lib-react for common reusable components like buttons and cards. All components in the app and the library are built using Tailwind CSS. A Tailwind preset is available in tailwind-utils which is used by both the app and the library. tailwind-utils also houses two brand palettes that can be used to configure the application’s theme using CSS variables.


Building Bullsfirst

Development Build

# Run ci in the root directory to install dependencies
npm ci

# Run a full build to make sure libraries are available to the apps
npm run build

# Run the apps
npm run dev

Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/ to see the running app.

Note: Do not run npm install or npm ci in any of the subdirectories. It will break the build. There should be only one package-lock.json file in the entire repo (at the root).

Production Build

To build all packages and apps for production, run the following command:

npm ci
npm run build
npm run preview -w @bullsfirst/bullsfirst-react

Clean Build

Removes all build artifacts and performs a clean build.

npm run clean
npm ci
npm run dev

For an “aggressive” clean build, add one more step as shown below. This will build the lock file from scratch.

npm run clean
rm package-lock.json
npm install
npm run dev

Running Storybook

# Install Storybook dependencies
cd storybbok
npm ci
cd ..

# Run Storybook
npm run storybook

Running Unit Tests

npm test

Running End-to-End Tests

Not yet started

npm run dev # starts a local server hosting the react app

# run cypress in a different shell
npm run cypress

Code Formatting

npm run format


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