Create Esbuild App / esbuild-scripts

An extremely fast create-react-app replacement.

What is it?

create-esbuild-app is a wrapper around create-react-app while esbuild-scripts is a react-scripts compatible CLI which can be dropped in as a replacement. They use the toolchain and development experience already provided by the Create React App ecosystem but provide an faster experience by abstracting esbuild as a bundler and using native esbuild plugins for speed.

esbuild-scripts in most cases should be a drop in replacement for react-scripts.

Creating an App

yarn create @lukesheard/esbuild-app my-app
cd my-app
yarn start

If you've previously installed create-esbuild-app globally you can run yarn global remove create-esbuild-app to remove it - this will ensure that you always use the latest version when creating a new app.

Note: The API of create-esbuild-app mirrors that of create-react-app but will default the template of a new app to TypeScript. However if you want to use a custom template you can do so by supplying a --template argument like so

yarn create @lukesheard/esbuild-app my-app --template my-template

Supplying an empty template will default to the JavaScript template from create-react-app. This is because in most instances I've noticed users default to this template anyway - so I wanted to abstract this in a way which made it simple to pick convetional defaults.

For more documentation on creating an App refer to the Create React App documentation.