AgentKit is a comprehensive starter kit developed by BCG X, leveraging LangChain technology to rapidly build high-quality Agent apps.

With AgentKit, developers can:

  1. Quickly experiment with a beautiful UI: Utilize a modular and easy-to-configure tech stack based on FastAPI/Next.js and a library of useful GenAI tools to create a strong demo in just a few hours.
  2. Build a scalable full-stack chat-based Agent app: Construct a production-grade minimum viable product (MVP) capable of scaling to meet user demand.

Key advantages of using AgentKit include:

  • Rapid development: Utilize a modular and configurable tech stack along with GenAI tools to swiftly build high-quality Agent apps.
  • Flexible UI/UX for Agents: Benefit from a reactive React/Next.js chat-based UI that is easily configurable, offering features such as streaming, table/visualization/code rendering, and status tracking of Agent actions.
  • Focus on reliability: Configure routing architecture to control possible paths the Agent can take, enhancing reliability and suitability for real-life use cases.
  • Scalability: Set up Queue Management, Authentication, Caching, Monitoring, and other essential components to ensure the app is prepared to scale to MVP status.

With AgentKit, developers can accelerate the development process and create robust Agent apps with ease.