STORYBOARD is an interactive writer’s portfolio to post ideas / work-in-progress and offer feedback.


How to Get Started

  1. Edit MONGO_URI in server/storyModels.js
  2. Run this application in your local server port 3000 through the command npm run dev in your terminal
  3. Delete post by clicking ‘X’ on post. Create new post by clicking ‘create new post’
  4. View full post by clicking on title. Edit and comment on post here.
  5. Click on ‘theme’ page to change post hover color (default is lavender)

storyboard-editpost storyboard-comment storyboard-updatedpost

How to Run Tests


Stretch Features

  1. User authentication and database (user ability to signup and login, view their profile, view their own saved posts and comments, add friends, view and comment on friends’ posts)
  2. Additional feed page that sources from external journal API and displays relevant articles on writing
  3. Improved UI design to resemble a modern-day application
  4. Refactor code to utilize React Hooks for seamless cross-component communication


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