Total Hours Spent On FotoGraph

An Open Source Cross Platform Desktop Application For Image Manipulation


FotoGraph is an open source powerful image manipulation software with a variety of tools for image conversion, bulk image downloading, AI-based image generation, background removal, image resizing, and compression.

Please Note

This software is still in development and isn’t available for testing until further announced.


Here is what the final product would look like 🙂

Main Application Image Conversion 1 Image Conversion 2 Image Conversion 3 Image Conversion 4

Image Downloader 1 Image Downloader 2 Image Downloader 3 Image Downloader 4 Image Downloader 5

Image Resizer


Below are the technologies I used

  • Electron-React
  • TypeScript
  • React-Bootstrap
  • NodeJSk


I am Adedoyin Emmanuel Adeniyi, a Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Open Source Contributor

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