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a secure funnel for selling items to your friends and network.

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diush is an open-source mobile platform that acts as a funnel to securely and easily finalize sales for items that would have otherwise undergone a tedious, disorganized process via text/DM. It is not a marketplace, simply a platform that utilizes a link-sharing system for each product/item one is selling – it takes advantage of existing communication methods to establish “first-contact”.


“this platform was born out of the dream that selling items to my friends shouldn’t be so difficult – whether it’s a spare pair or socks or a PS5 you no longer use, it’s pretty much impossible to seamlessly organize everything. From the myriad of potential friends and people in your network that might want your item to the several prices and conditions they randomly throw out to the the lack of a way to coordinate payment and getting them the item, it can all become difficult to keep track of. privacy, security, and ease of use are the core principles behind diush – let’s build the future of peer-to-peer micro-commerce. :)”

Filippo Fonseca (creator and lead maintainer)


the following is a diagram detailing the thought process and concept behind the platform and its underlying system.

Methodology Diagram


this project is utilizing what I’m designating as the “TERF” stack.

  • TypeScript: Base language for all files – handles backend integration and UI/UX duties with RN.
  • Expo: Provides a shared native runtime to avoid writing native code, dealing with iOS or Android-specific settings, or even opening up Xcode. Managed Expo projects have “their own workflow including Expo CLI (a command line interface) to make developing and deploying easy”. Learn more here.
  • React Native: Base for Expo – allows the usage of React + TypeScript for easy cross-platform mobile development.
  • Firebase: Cloud Firestore (Database) + Authentication are handled through here

more to come, stay tuned.


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