An open-source web music player that brings a seamless music experience with the most modern UI.

UI Design


Tech Stack


  1. Fork the repo into your account

Fork Image

  1. Clone the project into your local machine
git clone<Your-name>/groovy.git
  1. Navigate the folder
cd groovy
  1. Install the dependencies
npm install
  1. Run the project on local machine
npm run dev

Contributing Guidelines

Thankyouu for considering to contribute to this project ?

What do I need to know to contribute?

This project is on a very early stage so anybody who’s familiar with ReactJS/NextJS/TailwindCSS can contribute. If you don’t feel ready to make a contribution yet, no problem at all. You can also contribute to this ReadMe section or the Design part of our project.

If you are interested to contribute and want to learn more about the technologies that are used in this project, checkout the links below.

How to make a Contribution?

Never made an open source contribution before? And wondering how to contribute to this project? No worries!! Here’s a quick guide,

  1. Choose any feature/bug you wanna contribute to.
  2. Fork the repository into your own account.
  3. Clone the repo you have forked in your local machine using git clone<Your-name>/groovy.git
  4. Create a new branch for your fix by using the command git checkout -b YourName-branch-name
  5. Make the changes you wanna do and stage them using the command git add files-you-have-changed or use git add .
  6. Use the git commit -m "Short description of the changes" to describe the changes you have done with a message.
  7. Push the changes to your remote repository using git push origin your-branch-name
  8. Submit a PR(pull request) to the upstream repository (Aman-Mandal/groovy) with a title and a small description.
  9. Wait for the pull request to be reviewed by us.
  10. Make appropriate changes if the maintainer recommends you to and submit it.
  11. And Ohhhh Damnn..celebrate your success after your pull request is merged.

Checkout the file before contributing.

Where can I go for help?

If you need help, you can ask questions on our twitter for now :




Thanks to all the Contributors ❤️

Your Support means a lot

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