WELCOME TO PIMP MY README, Want something cool like this? then pimp it out.

Pimp my README

This repository is the open-source project for Pimp my README.

How this came to be

So basically, GitHub added a feature where you can add a “Profile Page” by uploading a README to a repo that has the same name as your account.

If you want to jazz up your profile a bit, you shouldn’t spend hours doing so, so I made this quick project (during my company hackathon) that helps add some flavour to your README profiles.

So I present to you, Pimp my README.


Pimp my README is an open source profile builder that you can use to add some cool components to your README profile – Made with <3 by webapp.io ?


The stack is React + Express (we do server-side rendering). When a cool component is loaded a GET request is sent to our Express server where an SVG is populated with the query parameters and returned.

If you want to add a cool component:

  • Make your SVG
  • Create a function to return your SVG with the parameters you need in src/util/svg.js
  • Create a GET request to parse query params that calls the function you created in the step above
  • Add a component that allows people to edit the parameters for the svg in src/components/pimp-my-readme/svgs
  • Add your component that was created in the step above to the EditCoolComponent.js file

Bug Report

Please open an issue if you find a bug with a screenshot of the behaviour.

Feature Suggestions

Add your suggested feature to the feature-suggestions.txt file.

Environment Setup

  • Clone the repo
  • Run npm install in the root directory
  • Run npm run dev to start the project locally



Some Cool Component Examples:
Pimp my README, An open source project :)

Pimp my README

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