OpenResume is a powerful open-source resume builder and resume parser.

The goal of OpenResume is to provide everyone with free access to a modern professional resume design and enable anyone to apply for jobs with confidence.

Official site:

⚒️ Resume Builder

OpenResume’s resume builder allows user to create a modern professional resume easily.

Resume Builder Demo

It has 5 Core Features:

1. Real Time UI Update The resume PDF is updated in real time as you enter your resume information, so you can easily see the final output.
2. Modern Professional Resume Design The resume PDF is a modern professional design that adheres to U.S. best practices and is ATS friendly to top ATS platforms such as Greenhouse and Lever. It automatically formats fonts, sizes, margins, bullet points to ensure consistency and avoid human errors.
3. Privacy Focus The app only runs locally on your browser, meaning no sign up is required and no data ever leaves your browser, so it gives you peace of mind on your personal data. (Fun fact: Running only locally means the app still works even if you disconnect the internet.)
4. Import From Existing Resume PDF If you already have an existing resume PDF, you have the option to import it directly, so you can update your resume design to a modern professional design in literally a few seconds.
5. Successful Track Record OpenResume users have landed interviews and offers from top companies, such as Dropbox, Google, Meta to name a few. It has been proven to work and liken by recruiters and hiring managers.

🔍 Resume Parser

OpenResume’s second component is the resume parser. For those who have an existing resume, the resume parser can help test and confirm its ATS readability.

Resume Parser Demo

You can learn more about the resume parser algorithm in the “Resume Parser Algorithm Deep Dive” section.

📚 Tech Stack

Language TypeScript TypeScript is JavaScript with static type checking and helps catch many silly bugs at code time.
UI Library React React’s declarative syntax and component-based architecture make it simple to develop reactive reusable components.
State Management Redux Toolkit Redux toolkit reduces the boilerplate to set up and update a central redux store, which is used in managing the complex resume state.
CSS Framework Tailwind CSS Tailwind speeds up development by providing helpful css utilities and removing the need to context switch between tsx and css files.
Web Framework NextJS 13 Next.js supports static site generation and helps build efficient React webpages that support SEO.
PDF Reader PDF.js PDF.js reads content from PDF files and is used by the resume parser at its first step to read a resume PDF’s content.
PDF Renderer React-pdf React-pdf creates PDF files and is used by the resume builder to create a downloadable PDF file.

📁 Project Structure

OpenResume is created with the NextJS web framework and follows its project structure. The source code can be found in src/app. There are a total of 4 page routes as shown in the table below. (Code path is relative to src/app)

Page Route
Code Path Description
/ /page.tsx Home page that contains hero, auto typing resume, steps, testimonials, logo cloud, etc
/resume-import /resume-import/page.tsx Resume import page, where you can choose to import data from an existing resume PDF. The main component used is ResumeDropzone (/components/ResumeDropzone.tsx)
/resume-builder /resume-builder/page.tsx Resume builder page to build and download a resume PDF. The main components used are ResumeForm (/components/ResumeForm) and Resume (/components/Resume)
/resume-parser /resume-parser/page.tsx Resume parser page to test a resume’s AST readability. The main library util used is parseResumeFromPdf (/lib/parse-resume-from-pdf)

💻 Local Development

  1. Download the repo git clone
  2. Change the directory cd open-resume
  3. Install the dependency npm install
  4. Start a development server npm run dev
  5. Open your browser and visit http://localhost:3000 to see OpenResume live


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