Sonner is an opinionated toast component for React. It’s customizable, but styled by default. Comes with a swipe to dismiss animation.


To start using the library, install it in your project:

npm install sonner

Add <Toaster /> to your app, it will be the place where all your toasts will be rendered. After that you can use toast() from anywhere in your app.

import { Toaster, toast } from 'sonner';

// ...

function App() {
  return (
      <Toaster />
      <button onClick={() => toast('My first toast')}>Give me a toast</button>



Most basic toast. You can customize it (and any other type) by passing an options object as the second argument.

toast('Event has been created');

With icon and description:

toast('Event has been created', {
  description: 'Monday, January 3rd at 6:00pm',
  icon: <MyIcon />,


Render a checkmark icon in front of the message.

toast.success('Event has been created');


Renders an error icon in front of the message.

toast.error('Event has not been created');


Renders a button.

toast('Event has been created', {
  action: {
    label: 'Undo',
    onClick: () => console.log('Undo'),


Starts in a loading state and will update automatically after the promise resolves or fails.

toast.promise(() => new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 2000)), {
  loading: 'Loading',
  success: 'Success',
  error: 'Error',


Render custom JSX.

toast.custom(() => <div>This is a custom component</div>);



You can change the theme using the theme prop. Default theme is light.

<Toaster theme="dark" />


You can change the position through the position prop on the <Toaster /> component. Default is bottom-right.

// Available positions
// top-left, top-center, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, bottom-right

<Toaster position="top-center" />


Toasts can also be expanded by default through the expand prop. You can also change the amount of visible toasts which is 3 by default.

<Toaster expand visibleToasts={9} />

Styling for all toasts

You can style your toasts globally with the toastOptions prop in the Toaster component.

<Toaster toastOptions={{ style: { background: 'red' }, className: 'my-toast' }} />

Styling for individual toast

toast('Event has been created', {
  style: {
    background: 'red',
  className: 'my-toast',

Close button

Add a close button to all toasts that shows on hover by adding the closeButton prop.

<Toaster closeButton />

Rich colors

You can make error and success state more colorful by adding the richColors prop.

<Toaster richColors />

Custom offset

Offset from the edges of the screen.

<Toaster offset="80px" />

Keyboard focus

You can focus on the toast area by pressing ⌥/alt + T. You can override it by providing an array of event.code values for each key.

<Toaster hotkey={['KeyC']} />


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