NDLA article-converter

Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) (Norwegian: Nasjonal digital læringsarena) is a joint county enterprise offering open digital learning assets for upper secondary education. In addition to being a compilation of open educational resources (OER), NDLA provides a range of other online tools for sharing and cooperation.

API documentation

Article converter is an api for getting a extended html version of the content attribute provided by Article API. The service has two endpoints:


Returns an extended and transformed json structure based on the one provided by Article API


Returns the content attribute from Article API transformed to plain html and wrapped in a HTML document (useful for testing)

The service mainly converts <embed> tags in the content attribute to appropriate html tags. For some embed tags fetching additional data from other api's is required.

Developer notes

To properly display the converted html some script from ndla-article-scripts is required. See ndla-frontend for examples.

Developer documentation


  • Node.JS ~10
  • npm ~6
  • Yarn ~1.1
  • Docker (optional)

Getting started


All dependencies are defined in package.json and are managed with yarn/npm. To
initially install all dependencies and when the list dependency has changed,
run yarn.

Start development server

Start node server with hot reloading middleware listening on port 3000.

$ yarn start

To use a different api set the NDLA_API_URL environment variable.

To use article-converter in local ndla-frontend you have to run graphql-api and ndla-frontend locally with special commands.

In graphql-api:
yarn start-with-local-converter

In ndla-frontend:
yarn start-with-local-graphql-and-article-converter

Unit tests

Test framework: jest.

$ yarn test

Do you tdd?

$ yarn tdd

Code style

Prettier is used for automatic code formatting.

yarn format

yarn format-check


Eslint is used for linting.

yarn lint-es

Rules are configured in ./eslintrc and extends esling-config-ndla.

Other scripts

# GTG? Checks code formating, linting and runs unit tests:
yarn check-all
# Run with NODE_ENV=production:
npm yarn start-prod
# Docker stuff