MailBaby API

API service for accessing the Mail.Baby services.

API Sample Clients

Sample clients for the API are available in many languages


This is built on top of Webman, a high performance HTTP Service Framework for PHP based on Workerman.

API Specification

We are utilizing the OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) spec for this API. It is basically the next evolution of SOAP API’s with well defined functions, parameters, and responses. While there are many editors out there I’m currently using SwaggerHub to do most of the editing of the spec.

Webman Framework

After testing every PHP library out there dealing with concurrent/asynchronous processing many times over the years I’ve found Workerman to be the overall best. It has proven more stable and by far faster than the alternatives with the one big downside being that its documentation and code comments are all in Chinese. Webman is a fairly recently created web framework on top of Workerman. There had been many previously created frameworks based on workerman and while some were good Webman seemed to hit that perfect balance between ease-of-use and power.

The Chinese documentation is easily readable Using either the auto translate in Chrome or an addon like Translate Web Pages for Firefox.


Building Elements:

git clone [email protected]:stoplightio/elements.git
cd elements
sed s#"\"httpsnippet\".*$"#"\"httpsnippet\": \"detain/httpsnippet\#master\","#g -i packages/elements-core/package.json
for i in examples/angular/src/app/api/api.component.ts examples/react-gatsby/src/pages/zoom-api.tsx examples/react-cra/src/components/API.tsx; do
  sed s#"${src}"#"${dst}"#g -i $i
sed s#""#"${dst}"#g -i examples/bootstrap/index.html
yarn build
yarn build:angular
yarn build:react-gatsby
yarn build:react-cra

Code Samples


  • Customize 404 Page
  • Testing
  • Additional error checking and handling
  • Auto Updates
  • Placing Orders

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