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Dodging Fish

You need to avoid obstacles, keeping the little fish alive!

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Dodging Fish

An arcade game designed for precision and reaction.

The fish is in an enclosed space, with fixed spikes on the bottom and top, and their location on the walls is constantly changing. Use the tap to control the movement of our fish. And see how long you can last in this mode.

In addition, there are fish roe that need to be collected on the level, which adds additional complexity to the gameplay. The game has minimalistic graphics and an extremely challenging gameplay process, which will appeal to people who like challenge and difficulty.

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? Environment Support

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? Getting started

1. Installation

git clone
cd dodging-fish
yarn install

2. Usage

yarn dev

3. Build

yarn build

? Note

If you have any suggestions or problems using the application, write to the mail.

Before creating it, I was inspired by game: Don’t Touch The Spikes.

? License

The source code is published under the MIT license, which is available here.

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