Using React.js, Node.js, Web3.js, PyTeal, Algorand SDK, MongoDB.

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What is Block Reward?

Block Reward is a membership and a reward system for retailers, both in person and online. Our mission is to connect business and customers in an easy and unique fashion. Business will offer memberships through our platform, doing this exposes potential customers to new discount opportunities. We are excited to have a platform for business and customers to easily connect, on our platform business have a dedicated page for discounts and special offers to be posted. All owners of a Block Reward membership have access to this page, but full discounts and promotions are reserved for full business members.  This system allows interoperability between businesses and takes advantage of shared customers.

What are Block Reward NFTs and Block Reward Token?

Block Reward Memberships are NFTs minted on the Algorand Blockchain. NFTs and blockchain are a unique way for businesses to protect the authenticity of membership and an easy way for businesses to track discounts redeemed by their customers
Block Reward Token is earned on purchases made from a business within our ecosystem, think of BRT as a reward point. Our token is used to redeem discounts, limited-time offers and other promotional activities offered by businesses on our platform. Users can also use the token to upgrade their membership tier within the system. There may be ways to gain more BRT in the future through our platform.


Block Reward Application

Businesses have a dedicated page where their members can view and redeem discounts and other promotions.  Once you have selected the page you will be allowed to see what offers apply to your membership. The Block Reward Membership unlocks special discounts offered by all businesses in our ecosystem, but full rewards and perks are reserved for full members. Once you are in the businesses dedicated discount page you will be able to select the discount you want to redeem. After selecting the discount you want to redeem you will be asked to deposit BRT and swipe to complete the discount redemption.

Transfer BRT


Arc 19 mint and upgrade NFTs


Algorand wallet system


Buying memebership



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