BonBon Web Browser

Claim back your data ownership.

Built with Electron, React, TypeScript, Redux. The browser is faster than it sounds, it’s worth to try it.

We don’t collect any personal data or browsing history. We do send some events to GA in order to understand how users are using BonBon Browser. Those events do not contain any information regarding the user or his material.

Instead, the browsing history is locally stored and encrypted.

Try BonBon today

Download BonBon for Windows: BonBon Browser 0.13.0 for Windows

Download BonBon for macOS: BonBon Browser 0.10.0 for macOS

Notes for Windows

The application is not signed (there is no company yet behind it), and has been avaialble since June 10th, 2022. That’s why Windows consider the app as dangerous.

Notes for Linux

While it has not been tested on Linux, it should works. Please refer to how to run locally or to make a release further in this Readme.



  • boards: create a composition of webviews, save it, reuse it, present it

  • encrypted browsing history

  • darkmode

In progress:

  • adblock

  • incognito mode

  • optionally separate sessions per tabs (per board), useful for being connected to different accounts (many reddit, many facebook…) at the same time

  • personalize your search engine and homepage

  • permission handler

  • insecure web handler

  • notifications

  • whatsapp, messenger and telegram integration

  • chrome extensions minimal compatibility

  • auto update

  • app signing

Run locally or make a release

git clone
cd bonbon-web-browser
npm install

To run it in dev mode:

npm start

To make a release:

npm run package

Then find the release in bonbon-web-browser/release/build





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