React Redux Developer Test - Calendar with Reminders

This was meant to be completed in 1.5hrs but that's near impossible to do especially if you want to demo semi decent code. I took a great deal longer (a little over 9hrs) to finish this. If there was more time I would have liked to:

  • Enable CSS modules
  • Implement immutable-js
  • Added drag and drop support to move reminders to other days
  • Implemented a better way to line the first day of the month under the proper weekday label (right now it's done with some funky CSS gymnastics but that's not appropriate for a real world app)
  • Think out the Redux architecture more
  • Just QA a lot more in general

Here's what the Redux store looks like:

alt text

The Test

The aim of this exercise is to create a demo calendar application using React & Redux. You should take no more than 1h30m to complete this task.

You should start by rendering a single month view of a calendar for the current month – along the lines of the below illustration:

alt text

Features & Requirements:

  • Ability to add a new "reminder" (max 30 chars) for a user entered day and time
  • Display reminders on the calendar view in the correct time order
  • Allow the user to select a colour when creating a reminder and display it appropriately
  • Properly handle overflow when multiple reminders appear on the same date
  • Ability to edit reminders – including changing text, day and time & colour
  • Ability to delete reminders
  • Expand the calendar to support more than current month