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React Email
Build and send emails using React.High-quality, unstyled components for creating emails.


A collection of high-quality, unstyled components for creating beautiful emails using React and TypeScript. It reduces the pain of coding responsive emails with dark mode support. It also takes care of inconsistencies between Gmail, Outlook, and other email clients for you.


We believe that email is an extremely important medium for people to communicate. However, we need to stop developing emails like 2010, and rethink how email can be done in 2022 and beyond. Email development needs a revamp. A renovation. Modernized for the way we build web apps today.


Install one of the components from your command line.

With yarn

yarn add @react-email/button -E

With npm

npm install @react-email/button -E

Getting started

Add the component to your email template. Include styles where needed.

import { Button } from '@react-email/button';

const Email = () => {
  return (
    <Button href="" style={{ color: '#61dafb' }}>
      Click me


A set of standard components to help you build amazing emails without having to deal with the mess of creating table-based layouts and maintaining archaic markup.


All components were tested using the most popular email clients.

Gmail logo Apple Mail Outlook logo Yahoo! Mail logo HEY logo Superhuman logo
Gmail ✔ Apple Mail ✔ Outlook ✔ Yahoo! Mail ✔ HEY ✔ Superhuman ✔


Install dependencies

yarn install

Build and run packages

yarn dev

This will initialize all packages in parallel and watch for changes, including the website which will be available at localhost:3000.



MIT License


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