CodeRush – Compile and Execute code in 40+ languages

⚡️ A code editor that compiles and runs your code on the web.


  • Compile and execute code in 40+ programming languages.
  • Switch themes from a list of available themes.

Installations and setup

  • git clone
  • npm install
  • A sample .env.sample file is given, Register on RapidAPI ang get your API keys.
  • Create a .env file.
  • Add the API Keys in the .env file
  • npm start to run the project.

Blog: FreeCodeCamp – Build A Code IDE with React


  1. Add more languages [DONE]
  2. User login, authentication and registration (Firebase Auth)
  3. User Profile Page
  4. Save code functionality (Firestore – use Slug based approach)
  5. Share code functionality


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