Bulletproof React ?️ ⚛️

A simple, scalable, and powerful architecture for building production ready React applications.


React is a great tool for building frontend applications. It has a very diverse ecosystem with hundreds of great libraries for literally anything you might need. However, it can be overwhelming to be forced to make so many choices.
It is also very flexible, you can write React applications in any way you like but that flexibility comes with a cost. Since there is no pre-defined architecture developers can follow, it often leads to messy, inconsistent, or over-complicated codebases.

This is an attempt to present a way of creating React applications using the best tools in the ecosystem with a good project structure that scales very well. It is based on the experience of working with many different codebases, and this architecture turns out to be the most effective one.

The goal of this repo is to serve as a collection of resources and good practices when developing React applications. It is supposed to showcase solving most of the real-world problems of an application in a practical way and help developers writing better applications.

Feel free to explore the codebase to get the most value out of the repo.


This is not supposed to be a template, boilerplate or a framework. It is an opinionated guide that shows how to do some things in a certain way. You are not forced to do everything exactly as it is shown here, decide what works best for you and your team and stay consistent with your style.

Table Of Contents:


Contributions are always welcome! If you have any ideas, suggestions, fixes, feel free to contribute. You can do that by going through the following steps:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Create a branch: git checkout -b your-feature
  3. Make some changes
  4. Test your changes
  5. Push your branch and open a Pull Request




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