[Client] Online game Royal Madness ?

? Check latest build: https://hmbanan666.github.io/royal-madness-client/

? Imagine an open world where your Hero can:

  • ?️ Travel, defeat creatures and find an infinite number of quests
  • ? Gather loot and a variety of materials
  • ?️ Construct buildings with other Heroes
  • ? Chat with other Heroes in real time
  • ? Collect battle pets, upgrade them, and fight Bosses in turn-based battles
  • ? Earn more than 1000 achievements!

Let’s build a similar world together!

What will be here?

  • [Front] Web client for the game made with Typescript, React, and Redux
    • simple graphics, top view camera
    • movements with mouse clicks (or finger taps)
    • some interface, menu, inventory slots…
  • [Back] Server on Node.js, where will be a storage for progress of all Heroes


  • I want to take a break from product development and develop some game that myself would play in the evenings.
  • It will be made using front and back parts, with good code practices (hope so ?).
  • Want to discover something new in software development. Some new challenges and their overcoming!
  • I enjoy the new achievements on GitHub, especially Starstruck x4: “Created a repository that has 4096 stars”. Why not to try?

⭐️ Become a Stargazer ⭐️ Star this repo. Make forks, issues, PRs, and have fun! Thank for your ideas and activity! ?


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