Confetti without the cleanup.



npm install react-confetti


width and height props are recommended. They will default to the initial window dimensions, but will not respond to resize events. It is recommended to provide the dimensions yourself. Here is an example using a hook:

import React from 'react'
import { useWindowSize } from 'react-use'
import Confetti from 'react-confetti'

export default () => {
  const { width, height } = useWindowSize()
  return (


Property Type Default Description
width Number window.innerWidth \|\| 300 Width of the <canvas> element.
height Number window.innerHeight \|\| 200 Height of the <canvas> element.
numberOfPieces Number 200 Number of confetti pieces at one time.
confettiSource { x: Number, y: Number, w: Number, h: Number } {x: 0, y: 0, w: canvas.width, h:0} Rectangle where the confetti should spawn. Default is across the top.
friction Number 0.99
wind Number 0
gravity Number 0.1
colors Array of String ['#f44336'
All available Colors for the confetti pieces.
opacity Number 1.0
recycle Bool true Keep spawning confetti after numberOfPieces pieces have been shown.
run Bool true Run the animation loop