In this project, let’s build a CoWIN Dashboard by applying the concepts we have learned till now.

Refer to the images below:

Failure View


Design Files

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Set Up Instructions

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  • Download dependencies by running npm install
  • Start up the app using npm start

Completion Instructions

Functionality to be added

The app must have the following functionalities

  • When the page is opened,
    • An HTTP GET request should be made to covidVaccinationDataApiUrl
    • loader should be displayed while the HTTP request is fetching the data
    • After the data is fetched successfully, the response received should be displayed using different charts from recharts
    • The last 7 days vaccination data should be displayed using the BarChart component from recharts
    • The data for vaccination by gender and vaccination by age should be displayed as two different pie charts using the PieChart component from recharts
    • If the HTTP GET request made is unsuccessful, then the FailureView should be displayed
API Requests & Responses



Method: GET


Returns a response containing the list of Products

Success Response

  "last_7_days_vaccination": [
      "vaccine_date": "30th Jul",
      "dose_1": 3757930,
      "dose_2": 1817805
  "vaccination_by_age": [
      "age": "18-44",
      "count": 482792375
  "vaccination_by_gender": [
      "count": 4809680,
      "gender": "Male"
Components Structure
Implementation Files

Use these files to complete the implementation:

  • src/components/CowinDashboard/index.js
  • src/components/CowinDashboard/index.css
  • src/components/VaccinationCoverage/index.js
  • src/components/VaccinationCoverage/index.css
  • src/components/VaccinationByGender/index.js
  • src/components/VaccinationByGender/index.css
  • src/components/VaccinationByAge/index.js
  • src/components/VaccinationByAge/index.css

Important Note

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The following instructions are required for the tests to pass

  • Wrap the Loader component with an HTML container element and add the data-testid attribute value as loader to it

    <div data-testid="loader">
      <Loader type="ThreeDots" color="#ffffff" height={80} width={80} />
  • Provide width and height to the respective chart component to make the charts visible on the page For example:

    <BarChart width={1000} height={300} />
    • Provide width and height as number

    • Achieve this CoWIN Dashboard on desktop devices. You can try different charts provided by the recharts package with customized data


Image URLs
Hex: #161625
Hex: #2cc6c6
Hex: #cbd5e1
Hex: #ffffff
Hex: #1c1c2b
Hex: #2d87bb
Hex: #a3df9f
Hex: #64c2a6
Hex: #94a3b8
Hex: #f54394
Hex: #5a8dee
Hex: #2cc6c6
Hex: #6c757d
Hex: #5a8dee
  • Roboto

Things to Keep in Mind

  • All components you implement should go in the src/components directory.
  • Don’t change the component folder names as those are the files being imported into the tests.
  • Do not remove the pre-filled code.
  • Want to quickly review some of the concepts you’ve been learning? Take a look at the Cheat Sheets.


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