Creating todo application using react and redux for state management.

This application is built using create-react-app.


It will cover all possible scenarios, that are:

  1. Lazy loading routes
  2. Re-Usability of components
  3. Stateful and Stateless component architecture
  4. Http call using axios
  5. Accessibility
  6. Best practices
  7. Performance
  8. Suspense
  9. Redux
  10. Routing i.e. parameter and query based
  11. useState and useEffect
  12. function components


This section contains the scenario we require and how we achieve them.

  1. Dynamic background color in component, based on color selection from component
  2. Snackbar notification using redux-store, . We can dispatch action that contains message, auto-hide in millisecond, status to show Snackbar. It can be used to display application related notification i.e success, error, warning etc.
  3. If route not match, redirect to component.