Crypto Wiz NFT Minting dApp

This is CryptoWiz NFT minting dApp(BETA). This application describes the CryptoWiz collections and allows the mint of the NFTs.

To see the demo check this link:


This application is a complete example of fullstack NFT minting dApp inspired by “Udemy The Fullstack Nft Minting Website Course”. To better understand this source take thise course:



You can use the default CryptoWiz smart contract and play with it or you can also put your own smart contract and make changes as needed. Remember to make .env file with your own variables like this.


Use the default CryptoWiz Smart Contract:

  # Clone the repository and change directory into it
  git clone
  cd CryptoWiz-nft-minting-dapp

  npm install            # Download packages
  npm run dev            # Run the dev server

Making Changes

First of all change .env variables with yours. And update the dapp.config.js file according to your needs.

If you want to make changes on CryptoWiz smart contract, you can find CryptoWiz.sol inside /contractsfolder. After making changes you need to recompile your smart contract using npx hardhat compile command. It will recompile the smart contract and create & update /artifacts folder. Smart contract ABI is also in this folder.

After making changes you need to update the scripts/whitelist.js with your whitelisted users accounts and deploy & verify your smart contract on ethereum blockchain. Use the scripts I created for you to do that. You can find the deploy & verify scripts inside /scriptsfolder.

  # This command will deploy your smart contract on rinkeby test network
  npx hardhat run scripts/deployContract.js --network rinkeby

  # This command will verify your smart contract on rinkeby etherscan
  npx hardhat run scripts/verifyContract.js --network rinkeby


When deploying the contract the state of the presaleM and publicM properties is false. Set at least one of the properties to true with togglePresale and togglePublicSale if no causes fee calculation error.


** If you want to use a different network you need to pass its name instead of rinkeby. Also make sure you configured it in hardhat.config.js file as a network option.

Finally update the /utils/interact.js file so that it uses the related functions from your updated contract. Also change the contract address and the imported ABI in this file with your newly deployed contract.

Deploying on mainnet

When you are done with making changes and your minting dapp is just as you wanted it is time to deploy on ethereum mainnet. To do that;

  • Make sure you changed all env variables with yours. And also for the network you need to chose ethereum mainnet.
  • Update hardhat.config.js so that as network option you use mainnet not rinkeby. hardhat
  • While deploying your contract with hardhat you need to use mainnet as network-name

  # This command will deploy your smart contract on ethereum mainnet
  npx hardhat run scripts/deployContract.js --network mainnet

  # This command will verify your smart contract on mainnet etherscan
  npx hardhat run scripts/verifyContract.js --network mainnet

Tech Stack

Client: React, TailwindCSS, web3.js

Server: Alchemy, NextJS, Hardhat


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