Material-ui currency Textfield

CurrencyTextField is a Material-ui react component. It provides a user friendly experience while inputing currency numbers.

CurrencyTextField wraps the functionality of autonumeric and it is a port of react-numeric in Material-ui.


Main features:

  • Adds thousands separator automatically.
  • Adds automatically the decimals on blur.
  • Smart input. User can only type the accepted characters depending on the current value.
  • Lots of config options...


npm install @unicef/material-ui-currency-textfield --save


Documentation and live demo is available here

import React from 'react'
import CurrencyTextField from '@unicef/material-ui-currency-textfield'

export default function MyComponent() {

  const [value, setValue] = React.useState();

  return (
		onChange={(event, value)=> setValue(value)}


In order to extend the component, clone the project and install the dependencies.

$ git clone
$ npm install

The following commands are available:

npm start

Builds the component outputing it in the dist folder. It is refreshed everytime you make changes in the code.

npm start

To see the output in the browser run the example app (/example)

 cd example 
 npm install (only first time)
 npm start

Runs the app in the development mode. Open http://localhost:3000 to view the app in the browser.

It will reload automatically upon edits. Lint errors are also displayed on the console.

npm run build

Outputs the build for production to the dist folder.

npm run styleguide

Generates the documentation available on.

Open http://localhost:6060 to view it in the browser.

It watches for changes and automatically reloads the browser.

We use styleguidelist for documenting our custom components.

npm run styleguide:build

Builds the styleguide documentation for production. The output targets the styleguide folder.